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South East Asia & Oceania

Having worked on project across South Asia Pacific our consultants understand the cultural and practises required to be overcome in order to be successfull.  

Countries include:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand
  • New Caledonia


Multinational Companies

Our knowledge & experience comes from over 30 years working with Multinational companies.

Experience with companies listed on the following Stock Exchages:

  • NYSE
  • FSX
  • ASX
  • SIX
  • STO

ERP System Integration

Successful organisations all have one thing in common.  A true ERP Sytem that captures all the information accurately & timely to ensure management are well placed to make the right decisions.

The correct system may differ from Industry to Industry and whether it is and industry leading ERP such as SAP or a local Cloud solution are consultants are experienced in working across all platforms.



Tier One Advisory

Modern Advisory Firm Offering Commercial and Business Advice To Businesses Great And Small

Industry Experience
  • Commercial expertise in operating and managing businesses in various industries and countries.


  • Manufacturing, Products, Services and Distribution
  • Preparation of financial modelling for targeted acquisition 


  • Assist in funding and raising capital


  • Create post-acquisition merger plans
Systems & Processes
  • Evaluate current IT and computer to determine what is best suited


  • Involved in full system implementation for SAP as well locally based cloud solutions


  • Developed Process Mapping to ensure organisation internal controls are maintained with new system implementation
Business Strategy
  • Develop Strategic Plans 


  • Monitor and review on an ongoing basis


  • Assist in organisational change requirements to support strategic plan


  • Train and develop staff to evolve as the business grows

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